C30L Technical Information

C30L in Action
  1. Name: VeinScan-2 Micro Color doppler ultrasound system
  2. Use: The product is suitable for ultrasound diagnosis of superficial tissues, small organs and peripheral blood vessels of the human body, such as the inspection and use of small organs such as joints, thyroid, blood vessels and muscles.
  3. Domestic equipment, obtain medical device registration certificate CFDA ; with CE and ISO13485
  4. Main technical specifications and system description

This product uses Digital Wavelet Synthesis (DBF), Real Inch Dynamic Aperture Imaging (RDA), Real Inch Dynamic Acoustic Velocity Change (DRA), Real-time Dynamic Transmission Point-by-Point Focusing (DTR), Real-time Dynamic Receiving Point-Focus (DRF), Digital A variety of image processing technologies such as dynamic frequency scanning (DFS), 8-segment digital TGC, dynamic digital filtering, image enhancement, and frame correlation.

4.1 Probe ultrasound type: The structure is a portable handheld linear array probe type ultrasound system.

4.2 The probe is a single body, which uses high-speed integrated circuits and 1.5V low-voltage components, with low energy consumption and high reliability. It can be connected to the terminal display device through a USB data cable, with a volume of ≤150 × 65 × 25mm and a weight of ≤120g.

4.3 Supported operating systems: Windows, Android

4.4 ≥ 6 display modes with at least six display modes: B, B / B, B / M, CDFI, PW, PDI;

4.5 Scanning mode: electronic linear array128 elements

4.6 Probe interface: USB Type-C and USB Type-A interfaces to ensure the stability of image output;

4.7 Power supply mode: The probe does not need a battery and is powered by the USB interface of a mobile phone or tablet. The entire set of equipment can be used continuously for 4 hours or more. If necessary, multiple terminal devices can be prepared to extend the use time.

4.8 With preset inspection mode functions: small organs, blood vessels, muscles, etc., which can be customized by the inspection site directly;

4.9 With conventional measurement functions:

B mode: distance, perimeter / area, volume, angle, section, left / right hip joint angle, line / area ratio, line / area stenosis rate;

M mode: distance, time, slope, heart rate;

PW mode: time, heart rate, D speed, PS / ED;

4.10 Professional measurement package (windows system):

Small organ measurement package, vascular measurement package, muscle measurement package

4.11 has probe ultra-wide frequency conversion function: 5.0MHz, 6.0 MHz, 7.5 MHz, 8.0MHz, 10.0MHz,

4.12 Depth of detection: up to 120mm, swipe adjustment control can be performed on the terminal screen.

4.13 With image zoom function: image zoom function: image zoom (real-time B image mode), 8 levels of adjustment, maximum magnification 4 times; local zoom function: real-time and frozen local zoom function.

4.14 Image post-processing: 16-level brightness, 16-level contrast, 13-level grayscale curve, 8-level frame correlation, 7-level noise suppression, 16 kinds of false colors, etc.

4.15 dynamic range: 0 ~ 100dB adjustable;

4.16 Gray level: 256 levels.

4.17 Display speed: 3 levels adjustable.

4.18 With image freeze, real-time, partial enlargement, flip up and down, flip left and right, and 8-segment TGC adjustment.

4.19 Movie playback function can realize the cyclic storage of maximum 2048 frames of images, continuous playback or single frame forward, backward, playback.

4.20 image storage and movie playback function: support BMP, JPG, PNG, TIF, DCM and other static image format storage; support up to 2048 frames of video storage and playback; support image transfer U disk and DIC0M send function (windows system).

4.21 Editing display function: Chinese / English language selection; arrow and labeling functions; system working status display; grayscale bar display: probe orientation indication; hospital name, patient name, age, gender; 140 body position marks with probe position: Full-screen character annotation; real-time clock display.

4.22 Fullscreen character annotation function. Device interface character display function, including: Chinese / English / French menu selection; Chinese / English / French input can be switched between each other; annotation function; system working status display and user help information, patient information, user parameter display and convenient data query.

4.23 A wide range of application: It can be applied to various clinical departments and primary medical units and emergency medical units in individual hospitals for rapid emergency inspections (such as emergency department, ICU, ambulance, field rescue) and preliminary screening ( Such as ward inspections, fetal monitoring, hospital physical examinations, lower-level primary examinations, on-site examinations by family doctors), as well as anesthesia puncture intervention, PICC catheterization, visual guidance for various surgeries and injections to find blood vessels. Through mobile smart terminals, intelligent medical services can also be implemented, and remote medical services can be constructed for patients by uploading images and medical data.

4.24 The probe Aperture: 40mm.