ScAn Pro inc. sources the best devices at the best price for each customer’s needs. Single probe and group pricing is available upon request.

C30L High Frequency

High resolution, color imaging for adults with hard to find veins, pediatric patients and neonates. Vein images are displayed and enlarged on the smartphone or tablet to greatly reduce the incidence of multiple sticks.

  • Probe: Linear Array Probe
  • Central 7.5 MHz (4.0 – 11 MHz)
  • Pitch: 0.5 mm
  • Elements: 128
UP20 Low Frequency

Lower frequency model is excellent for deep tissue imaging of internal organs, such as lungs and small parts, MSK, sports medicine, abdominal, gynecology, obstetrics, urological, ICU. 

  • Power consumption:1W
  • B-Mode, PW-Mode (probe dependent)
  • Convex(3-5Mhz)
  • Element: 80 and 128 for optional

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